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I wan to know in what scenarios Del split and Invoice split is done.

What r the configuration settings necessary to do?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rohit,

Delivery Split and Invoice Split purely depends on Clients and Customers requirements.

If a customer is allowed for Partial Deliveries ( which is maintained in Customer Master, Sales Area Data -> Shipping Tab -> Allowed Partial Deliveries). And if the materials in the concerned Sales Order is not confirmed fully for a perticuler date, then based on customers request and clients business profile they will do partial delivery for the materials which are available for that perticuler date.

And for any Sales Order maximum of 9 Patial Deliveries allowed.

In the Same way Invoice Split also be done according the business Needs. If the customer is put for Periodic Billing or Milestone Billing. Means for example for everymonth 30th customer is set for billing for the amount of Rs.10,000/- , then they will do billing one everymonth 30th for that perticuler set amount. (Even though the order value is more than that amount (say for Rs.20,000/-), then they do Invoice Split for 10,000/-.

These two type of splits vary according to Business Needs and their customer specifications. Not constant for all.

Hope this gives you some idea.




Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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delivery split can be done

when u dont have full material to be delivered

when the customer requests to deliver some goods today and balance some other day

in the cmr u have to allow partial deliveries