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Delivery Note creation Block

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I would like to know the following scenario

Suppose if we indicate in the SALES ORDER that the Material is to be delivered at a particular Date

The clients requirement is that the material should not be delivered before this particular Date

Not even the delivery note should be allowed to be made

Is it possible to configure the system for this requirement



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I dont think there is a standard way to acheive this. but you can have a turnaround to this situation.

One way is to create a text type in the sales order with "Delivery Instructions " or "Special Instructions" and copy this text in the Delivery Document item level.

When you create a sales order enter the necessary instructions so that it gets copied to the delivery.

So when you are printing the pick lists or Shipping labels or tags make sure that you are printing this information. so that who ever in the ware house sees this they can stop and can check with the customer before dispatching this to customer

The above process is for manual check and can be installed for a one time or occasional situations. but If the requirement is a regular then may be you can try to see how to do this as an enhancement. Either Reject the item if MAD is out Customer requested delivery date.

and if you are working on the bottle necks then expect for possible situations where there might be some delay in the warehouse process so better to have a manual check in place.

Before closing this thread let us know what you have found to be useful.



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