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Delimit Position Vacancy during PA action

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Hi Gurus,

Currently, during PA Action in PA40, a screen will pop up in IT0001 - Org Assignment to delimit Vacancy. In the pop up screen user needs to choose Yes in order to delimit Vacancy. But user don’t choose yes (to delimit Vacancy) which is incorrect, by choosing No the Vacancy in OM will not be delimited. When you go to the structures it appears as like same employee is occupying two different positions at the same time.

Is there a way that I could make the pop up box to strictly allow a user to only select YES, maybe grey-out the NO

  1. e.g. Transfer from Position A to Position B (currently Position is vacant because our setting is one position is for one holder only)

Please help!!


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You can try to do it other way round. Have a look at transaction OOVK. Select the 008 relationship and then select the "Relationship Charateristics". One of the config options is the 100% check. You can set it to "E" (error) for either of the S A008 to P or P B008 to S relationships.



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Hi Ranjeeta,

let me try that..will give feedback.