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Deleting table from access sequence

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Hi All,

I have the follwoing questions.

a) can we use a condition table in more than one access sequence ? Is it ok to use a table like this ?

b) We already have a output condition type ZDSP(access seq 0004) with table 958(three fields) and tables 14 and 15  in production. We also have output condition type ZB04 (access seq 0005) in production  but with no table 958 in it's access. ZB04(access seq 0005) has other tables like 12 and 13.

Now we have added table 958 in ZB04 in development system. We also have created a condition record for ZB04 for 958 in unit test system(cross client for development).Due to some reason, we need to delete the table 958 from ZB04. Now when iam trying to delete the table 958, system is giving me a message that  "do you  want to delete all the entries or do you want to delete entries without dependent records. I need to know

what does it mean and which option to select ?

c) What i also did was  that I deleted the condition records for ZB04 for 958  table and then I removed access sequence from ZB04 config and then when I tried to delete table 958 from access seq, i got a message , "delete all entries" or "o you want to delete entries without dependent records". I selected "delete all entries " and  system took me to field structure of table 958 by pressing enter three times(for three fields of 958). After that  the table 958 disappeared from access seq for ZB04. i was not sure whether this is correct and so i did not save the changes. Should I delete table 958 from access seq 0005 like this only ? Is it safe considering that ZB04 is already in production?

d) Also can we add a new table in access sequence with access no=zero if other access no starts from 1, 2  and if I want to add one table before access no 1



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Dear Pamela


Yes we can use one table in more than one access sequences and one access sequence in more than one condition. It is ok and standard practice to do.


If you select option without dependent records it will not delete this access sequence. System will give you message that no entry was deleted. If you select all entries it will delete this table from access sequence. All entries are fields in this table. Condition record will not be deleted till now. Condition records will be deleted if you delete this table.


I did not understand this. You deleted condition records means you set mark for deletion for condition tables? Is so then scenario is same like B. When you delete table from access sequence it only deleted table and its fields from this specific access sequence. If this same table is being used by some other access sequence and condition then there is no effect of deleting this table from one access sequence. Condition records maintained with reference to condition type and condition types are maintained with access sequence. If you need to delete table 958 then you need to delete it first from all access sequences.

Hope you are clear now. If not then hit me back