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deleting actual cost estimate for a material

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hi guys,

I am in trouble in CKMLCP close because of one single material. the error is:

CCS of cumulative inventory inconsistent for material xxx and CURTP 10
Message no. ML4HRUN054

The cost component split of the cumulative inventory of material xxx (cost estimate number yyyy) in currency/valuation type 10 is inconsistent.

I am in actual costing set up, so no CK11 no CK44. CKMLCP only.

My plan is to delete the cost estimate and try again.  I cannot do CRK1, because  it is not standard costing.

I thought I will get there by deleting ACR costing run for my trouble month, I did it, I created new - same error for same material. 

question - what is the path to delete/reset/recalculate specific cost estimate number in actual costing setup ? 

s4CORE 107.

thank you.

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the solution was to contact SAP (actually, this was advised by SAP note, which number I cannot find now). They did some magic, and I subsequently closed all the periods I need.
Also they suggested to implement note 3387722.
Case closed.

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Dear Laimonas, 


Have you tried to correct the Actual CCS inconsistence using t.code CKMCCC ?




Gabriel Coleti