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Deleted TPM18 postings still showing up on an SQ00 Cash Flow Report

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Does anybody know why an SQ00 query report still lists flows that have been reversed in SAP FI?

I'm an end user and I didn't build the SQ00 report but I think it's configured just to show FX gain/loss Update Types between two dates in order to be able to report the gain/loss in a period.

I don't have permission to use TPM19 for some reason but having followed some forum postings on here I managed to reverse everything using TX04 and TPM10 without having to use TPM19.

I needed to reverse the FX gain/loss posting from running TPM18 on an FX deal after it had been settled and the cash flows posted using TBB1. However, once I'd done this, the SQ00 report that lists FX gains and losses for the period is still showing the reversed TPM18 generated gain/loss and I have no idea why.

I used TX04 to reverse the deal's "settled" status back to "contract".

I used TPM10 to reverse the TBB1 posted cash flows with "Limit by Transaction Number" and was told that the "update was successful".

I then used TPM10 "Limiting by Subledger Positions" and specified the transaction number to reverse the gain/loss posting generated by TPM18 and was told "update successful".

To check all was good I ran TPM20 and all debits and credits relating to this deal have "Post Status - Reversed" next to them. ( I have to choose "show reversed business transactions" to see them on TPM20 so they're definitely reversed.

Using FS10N I can see that reversing AB journals have been posted to reverse the positions on the GLs.

So why does the SQ00 report still show the reversed gain/loss on it?

A big thank you to anybody who might have an idea or a suggestion on how to stop this report pulling in deleted posted amounts.


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Hi Joe,

If you run TPM10, it should have reversed Gain/Loss accounting document.

If the conditions on the transacction have not changed, then cahsflow won't do either.

Do SQ00 and TPM13 show the same output ?

Could you share screenshots of TPM13, SQ00 and transaction (FTR_EDIT or TX03) ?

What Product Type did you use?

Kind Regards