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Delete Storage location

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I want delete storage location. What is the procedure i have transferthe stock.

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This is possible through authorization too. Steps:

SPRO --> Materials management --> Inventory management and physical

inventory --> Authorization management --> Authorization check forstorage


Then, click on the particular storage location.

Users should nt have the authorizationobject

M_MSEG_LGO in their profiles for this.


Vijay Bhat

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Once storage location is created you canot delete the storage location because it is an Organizational element.Only you can block the storage location.

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U can flag the material for deletion in a plant and in a sloc in MM06.Please check the box. This can be activated again whenever required. There is no option to block the storage location to Plant which is already assigned.

You need to remove the Storage location assignment to Plant in Customization in OX09

customer already has some stock in storage location physically-ask him to transfer that in othre storage location physically- this can be taken care in SAP by MB1B-311 mvt

if stock is already nt there physically and is present in MMBE- just do MI10 (click zerostock indicator and post differences)

u can block a storage location by posting or issuing any goods from that storage location when you consider that storage location for physical inventory.

check "posting block" in MI01

As you told you have already stock in that storage location. But SAP allows you to delete the storage location from plant inspite of stocks exists in that storage location.

But there is data inconsistency will be there as storage location is deleted.

you can transfer the stock from this storage location to other storage location with proper reason. Otherwise you can book the stock to particular cost centre.

now if u want to delete it , u must have make it empty .u have to transfer the stock from that SL to some other SL with movement type 311

other wise show the consumption of stock to a perticualr cost center and then delete the SL

or scrap the stock with movement 551 (consult ur FI guys )

or remove the authorisation of use for this storage loc (consult ur basis person

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for deleteing the storage location u have to transfer ur stock to another storage loc or another plant

for this u can use movement tyeps 311 for store to store transfer or 301 for plant to plant transfer

go to migo choose transfer pposting then give movement type 311 or 309

then in source and destination give proper detials

for 311 stores will diffrent and plznt will be same

for 301 plants and stores will be diff

rather deleteing the storage loc u can just transfer all stock to other SL and then block it for authorization ,take help of a BASIS guy

hope it clears