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Delete production order which has some cost

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Hello SAP Guru's,

How do I delete a production order which ahs some cost assigned to it? What are the steps? How do I settle the costs which have already been assigned to the production order?



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You need to follow the CO Period end process for the order.

1. Set TECO Status to the order in the change mode CO02from the header overview screen menu Functions>Restrict Processing->Techincally Complete.

2. Run KGI2 if your orders are designed to capture "Overhead costs".

3. Run KKAX to reverse the previous WIP entry.

4. Run KKS2 to calculate variance.

5. Run KO88 to settle the order.

Once the order is settled, you can set the deletion flag. If you need to delete the order from the database, follow the steps below after completing the steps mentioned above,

CO78 is a one stop transaction for production order setting deletion flag, deletion indicator, archiving and finally deleting.

Generally we schedule the following programs in background in the sequence below,

1. PPARCHP1 for Setting Deletion Flag

2. PPARCHP1 for Setting Deletion Indicator (Once set cannot be revoked- so care should be taken in selection of orders)

3. PPARCHA1 for archiving the production order with Deletion Indicator active. Basis should set the database/storage space for archiving/storing the records.

4. PPARCHD1 for Deleting the records from SAP database.