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Delaying RR during Batch Confirmation

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There are material groups where inspection lots are created having the results recorded after 3 days. However, we need to pack the material while still awaiting the RR. How can this be handled - using skip lot or via long-term inspection? This scenario is common for materials where testing took 3 days based on Material Quality Condition Requirement. Also, such scenario will happen (pack out material even RR is not yet posted) due to silo availability (the silo is getting full and to prevent line from shutting down, silo packing needs to be initiated.

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In standard SAP, stock can be posted out of the inspection lot without making the UD. If it doesn't allow you to do that, you have a customization in place. Consider removing it. SAP left that capability as a best practice for a reason.

You could use long term inspections. This can affect COA publication if you do COA's in SAP. It can also lead to missed results and requires good follow-up.

If you use ALL long-term inspections your auto UD program could auto UD these lots when you don't want that. Check your settings in any UD batch jobs.

You can also choose on some materials, to turn off the "post to QI" indicator in the inspection type set up. In those cases, the stock goes right to unrestricted and can continue in the mfg. process pending results. This might be especially helpful in the case of silo material.