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Defect Class for new catalog type?

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Hi, I have below two questions to all QM relevant persons.

1. In spro, I can see check box option "Selected Set is allowed" for every type of catalog while defining/editing catalogs. Does it mean I can create Selected Sets for catalog type 09? Is it a recommended solution if I want to create sub-sets of Catalog Type 09 w.r.t materials?

2. When I create a new catalog type, lets say F, can I have Defect Class column like in catalog type 09? I can't see it right now in any catalog type except 09.

Answers to above queries will help me finding solution for QM in automotive.

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Hi Faisal,

Catalog types are of 'single digit' like '1/2/3/...A/B..." and not of 'double digits' like '01/02...". It's not recommended to create new catalog types, unless that is absolutely required by notification processes to create new process specific catalog types.

Point 1: SAP gives the possibilities for activating 'Selected Set Allowed" checkbox for all catalog types which are in use. For catalog type '1" and "3", SAP themselves have activated this checkbox so that you can create selected sets out of those two catalog types only. For rest, it has not activated this check, and so it's not a recommended option to play with this setup that what is already delivered by SAP.

Point 2: Yes, your observation is correct about the behavior of catalog type "9". If you try to create a code group in QS41 for this catalog type, then while new codes are created, it will ask you to select the 'Defect Class' [Normally this list contains these classes ==> 01- Critical, 02 - Major Defect A, ....05 - Minor Defect B. There could be some new custom classes available for clients]. This data is used to further classify the recorded defects in a quality notification. This value is later used for audit and other purposes.