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Defaulting System Data

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Hi All,

This is reguarding varients. I know that we can save a perticular screen with some values under the fields as a varient so that everytime the varient is called the screen data come filled appropriately.

My requirements is to save a date field as current/server date. So that if I call the varient today the today's date comes to the perticular date. If the same varient is called tomorrow tomorrow's date will come to the field thus the field is dynamic. This way if I'm running the report for the current date I can use the varient any day with out changing values in the date field.

Can anyone help me.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hi deepal

you can acheive your requirement ,for example youare creating IW38 screen variant ,you want to specify the To date to current date then proceed as you create the variant by saving ,in the variant creation screen select the Dynamic date calculation in the selection variable column and in the Name of the variable column select as Current date against the To date row ,then save it ,if you execute the T code then you can find the To date will get changed depending on the execution day



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Thanks Buddy

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