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Default VAT Expense Type for Trip Abroad

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Hi guru,

for my germany customer if the trip is in DE the default VAT is taken by V_T706B1 for the expense type selected. But if the trip is abroad for example IT the default VAT is not taken by V_T706B1 but it is always V0 value. The V0 value is not a VAT possible for procedure TAXD and system return an error.

Where am I doing wrong?



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Hi Lorenzo,

please provide what system you are on (refer any of my threads and post likewise system information) otherwise it's hard to determine whether this could be a standard issue.

Assuming this is not a standard issue, please note that it's perfectly normal that the VAT for abroad trips is 0% in Germany, unless there is a tax treaty with the respective country (I don't know if there is one within the EU nowadays or with Italy directly). It's also relevant whether you are using the extended expense type information where VAT could theoretically be entered by the employee directly or not. Subsequently it's relevant how you configured any dependent tables, for example extended configurations for VAT (in case you use this).

It's hard to determine the cause of error with the low amount of information you provided. Please provide more detailed information and also where the error you receive is thrown technically, also provide the ID of the error message.

Cheers, Lukas