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Default values on PO item in "Service Specification"

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Hi all,

is there a possibility to initialize the field "External service numer" with default values (on PO item level, tab "Service")?

Can I create a "sample PO" (like a sample document in FI)?

Thanks for any hint.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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unfortunately there is no such a possibility as setting it to default in the personal settings.

I would like to advice you to set up the default material group at

item level in the transaction ML91 instead (for client of for purchasing


Or please try to use certain authorization groups in the service maters:

Authorization Group field in transaction AC03 (AC01) is linked with

authority object I_BEGRP. Authroization object is checked in AC03.

The authorization object I_BEGRP will be checked only in that

case when the auth. group ASMD-BEGRU in the service master

was filled.

Or please try to achieve this functionality by using of an exit (possible user exits in MM-SRV to find: SE80, function group XMLU).



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