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Default Settlement Reciever in Capital Work Order.

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Dear All

In my Current Poject, the Capital Work orders will be used.

There is no PS and Investment Management in Scope.

My question is , Can we get the Default Settlement Reciever ( Internal CO Order) in the Capital Orders.

The Internal CO order will be finally settled to the AUC.

So that the User doesn't have to manually enter the Settlement Reciever.( ease of use).

Normally , the System doesn't know , which is the Internal CO Order ,to settle the Costs.

Is there any way around.

Usefule answers will be rewarded.

Manish Bansal

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Hai Manish

Ya you could do this. You created the Intrenal order at ko01. This is main order then ur Capital order (PM order) is sub order.

For defulat settlement of capex order to CO order. While creating the capex order enter the CO order no (settlment order) at Loaction tab in field of Settlemnet order.

Then while processing clikc the settlemnet as default, then automatcally ur CO order will be copied.

Bf4 that u go 4 configuration at PM-MTC Order & serv processing-Basic setting-General order settlement -Settlemnet profile

Here create one settlement profile mention here


default value as

ALLOCATION STRUCTURE (while adding this have the discuss with FICO due its Cost elemnet setting)


maintain settlemnet receiver asorder is allowed. Cost center is not allowed.

After that maintain this settlement profile at your order type OIOA.

this will work surely. I hope i have added some inputs 4 u