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Default Delivery Priority Change

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Hi Experts,

This is a unique request. I want to change the default Delivery Priority that the system proposes from 1 to nothing. Based on the incompletion rule we want the end users to complete the delivery priority all the time and because the system proposes 1 by default no warning message is displayed and the users may often forget to put the priority which is essential in our business.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If the sales order is being created with a default priority = 1, then this value is coming from the customer master (unless you have some custom code maintained). Therefore, it has to be questioned why would the users have to regularly change this value (When you have specified that this customer is a high priority)

If you want to maintain your own logic to add this to te incompletion log, it would be possible via BADI:

Main Program     SAPMV45A

Source code of   MV45AF0B_BELEG_SICHERN

  if active = charx.

    call method l_sd_sales_exit->save_document_prepare


        ft180   = t180


f_subrc = da_subrc

fvbak   = vbak

fxvbap  = xvbap[]


fxvbuv  = xvbuv[]

fyvbuv  = yvbuv[].


Here you could insert code to check the value of VBAP-LPRIO. If it is 1 [As it will according to your example], you can then add an entry to the structure xvbuv[] which holds the values of the incompletion log. You will need to discuss with your abaper though about the exact code that would need to be maintained.

Also, note that the above would only be executed when you save the sales order. It would not be called if you do "Edit - Incompletion Log" before saving.

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Thank you Noel for the response. Problem is solved. I am new in SAP and i did not knew that the delivery priority was coming down from the costumer master.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Try with Enhancement


Check with ABAPers and write logic how you want



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I believe your requirement is in sale order as I am not sure from your comments whether it is for sale order or customer master.

If it is for sale order, you have indicated that system is proposing some value which would be changed by users.  Incompletion log will not work in this case due to the fact that only if field is left blank,  system will trigger a message.  You have to go for sale order exit to achieve this requirement.

G. Lakshmipathi