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what is default customer in sales order? please tell me how to configure it?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Friend,

Default customer is a dummy customer which is used for craetion of a slaes order. This you use when you want to create a sales order a save it for further processing. at the moment you can save this and this will be saved as an incomplete document and cna't beprocedded if the defualt customer is not changed by the real one.

This is actually not a part of configuration u need to do customizing with ABAPer.

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Added here is the technical input to do the same:


To show a default sold-to-party in this field when the user creates a sales order (VA01) we can use a function exit .This function exit is located

in enhancement no V45A0002 . Before we can choose the exit we have to

create a project in CMOD after that enter V45A0002 in the enhancement field and click on the components . In the components you will see the

exit EXIT_SAPMV45A_002 . This exit is used for our purpose.

Double clicking on this exit will takes us to function builder (SE37) . This

function exit has one exporting parameters and two importing parameters, we are interested in exporting parameter which is E_KUNNR

of type KNA1-KUNNR i.e if we move the desired customer name to this

structure(E_KUNNR) it will be shown in the field as the default value when we create the sales order.

This function also contains a customer include ZXVVA04 . This include

will be used to write our custom code .

Double clicking on this include and it will prompt us that this include does not exists do you want to create this object ,select yes and the include will be created .In this include we can write our own code that will fill the field E_KUNNR.

e.g. E_KUNNR = 301.

Activate the include and Activate the project. Now when ever the SALES ORDER will be created , sold-to-party field will come up with a predefined

customer .


The field exits are managed,created,activated through program RSMODPRF. The field exit is associated with a data element existing in ABAP dictionary and hence to the screen field using that data element.

The format of field exit is :

FIELD_EXIT_dataelement_A-Z or 0-9

If a particular screen and program name is not specified than the field exit will effect all the screens containing that data element.

The function module associated with field exit shows two parameters

INPUT and OUTPUT. Input parameter contains the data passed to the field exit when the field exit was invoked by the R/3 , We can write our own code to change the output parameter depending upon our requirements.

Before the field exit can have any effect the system profile parameter

ABAP/FIELDEXIT in all the application servers should be set to YES


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