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Deduction Rule ,Reduction Rule and Selection Rule

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What is the difference between Deduction rule , Reduction rule and Selection Rule ? In which scenario is it used?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Deduction Rule : is used to assign Absence type to Leave quota type from which the absence type will be deducted.

Reduction Rule:You can use reduction rules to set special regulations for part-time employees. You may want to reduce the entitlement in proportion to the activity level, for example.

Days on which an employee is not active may also make it necessary to reduce the entitlement. Inactive days are usually as a result of employees joining or leaving the company. You can specify a percentage of inactive days after which you want a reduction rule to be implemented.

Certain absences such as unpaid leave can also be counted as inactive days. In this case, the reduction quotient is determined by counting the number of calendar days in relation to the accrual period.


1. A part-time employee has an activity level of 50%. Accordingly, you want this employee to get 50% of the entitlement.

2. If less than 25% of the days within an accrual period are inactive days, you do not want the entitlement to be reduced. If more than 25% of the days are inactive, however, you want the entitlement to be reduced proportionally.

In the Percentage of inactive calendar days field, enter 25%. Under Below percentage value, select the No reduction field. Under Above percentage value, select the Proportional reduction field.

Selection Rule is configured for automatic accrual of leave quota.

Hope it clears ur concept


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Alright.Then in what way is it configured for Regular employees... Is it like Deduction rule is for deducting the leaves from the quota... and Reduction rule is like reduction in the pay once leaves are taken beyond the allotted quota , as in LWP ?