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Deconsolidation's of Purchase Requisition(MD04) for Purchase Orders(ME21N) in MRP Live(MD01N)

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Existing Process:

Purchase Orders are clubbed and created single Purchase Requisition in MRP Live(MD01N). Purchase Orders are clubbed for particular quantity automatically in single Purchase Requisition which can be seen in MD04(Display/Stock Requirement).


Separate Purchase Requisition need to create for each Purchase orders while running MRP live(MD01N)


We have found AMDP BAdi under Enhancement Spot ES_PPH_MRP_BADI which is given for MRP Live.

We have implemented BAdi PPH_MRP_RUN_BADI which contain method PURREQ_BEFORE_UPDATE_ADJUST where written below logic.

Changed quantity to MENGE = 1, BUMNG = 0

MD01N(MRP Live) creating one Purchase Requisition for each Purchase order now. But in single MRP Live(MD01) run creating one Purchase Requisition so need to run 5 times for 5 Purchase Orders.

Need Help for below issue:

We can not run multiple times for create Purchase Requisition so we need to run one time MRP Live which need to consume all the Purchase Orders and create individual Purchase Requisitions.

Could you please help on this issue. Anyone worked same requirement.

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