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decentralized WM

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Our HQ implemented ECC 6.0 as ERP and WM system. our branch located different continet, we'd like to implement decentralized WM system. we will install new instance for dWM with same version ECC 6.0.

I have following questions for new instance for dWM.

1. How to customize new dWM to make same with our HQ ECC 6.0? (e.g. delivery type, item type, customer/material/vendor masteru2026)

2. I heard that Cancel GI/GR is not supported in dWM (4.6C). Is it supported in ECC 6.0?

3. How to load initial stocks, customer/material/vendor masters?

Thank you,


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Dear Min,


The link between WM and PP leaves a lot of possibilities of configuration. In the followig link you can find the way to customizing the system based on your warehouse scenario.

I can describe a possibility: you can set the system creates the FT automatically on Orders release based on the availability of the materials. This FT are replemishment FT from the warehouse to a specifis staging area (depending the work center and the materials). After the OTs are confirmed you can post the material consuming (261), from the staging area.

But this is only a scenario, it depend on your requiremts.



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Hi Min,

Have u implemented Decentralized Warehouse. Can you please share your learnings on this.

What kind of precautions must be taken for this implementation.

Limitations involved?

Important config setting involved etc?

Thank you,



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1. You can generate a customizing request from your HQ SAP system, then import into your local system, that will be okay!

2. That's right, in DWM after TO confirmed, the reversal postings are not possible! If you want to do goods return, you need to create return purchase order or return sales order in advance.

3. As to initial master data, you can refer to the following path:

SAP NetWeaver u2192 Application Server u2192 IDoc Interface / Application Link Enabling (ALE) u2192 Modelling and Implementing Business Processes u2192 Maintain Distribution Model and Distribute Views

Hope can help you!

Good luck