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Debtors Ledger Standard report based on Division

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Hi SAP gurus,

Pl let me know is there any Standard Report in Debtors based Division of a customer.

(Or Debtors report based on Division?)

Pl help

Thanks in advance



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ediga,

what exactly do you mean by Division?

If you mean the division from SD (field SPART, you know, sales organization + distribution channel + division = sales area, you can see it in every sales order or SD invoice), or probably the business area (field GSBER)?

A report customer by division (SD) should be available from CO-PA or even directly from sales. However, I do not think there is something standard here, but it should not be a problem for your CO-PA and/or SD guys to let it create easily.

If you mean the business area, there is also nothing delivered in standard. Customer balances are not stored by business area (see fields in table KNC1). A possible workaround is if you go for line item reporting like FBL5N. However, this is not very performant and after the documents (+ index table records from table BSAD) are archived, it can get more difficult. My recommendation here would be to set up FI-SL for this purpose: transfer the customer number and the business area (plus company code, of course) to your new Special Ledger application and you'll get the information within a few minutes. Also, FI-SL could be a solution if you meant the SD division (technical field name SPART) and not the business area (technical field name GSBER).

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Hi Csaba,

U r right i am looking for the Division of SD only in particular Sales Area combination.

I have a customer, who has been extended 2-3 divisions for Sales Order Processing, and every sales order is having 2-3 division sales order figures. In this regard, i would like to seek ur expertise, whether any report either from SD or FI point of view available to extract the Account Receivables/Debtors balances thru divisionwise for the same customer.

I would like to mentioned we had already customised report for Divisionwise in SD side.

Pl let me know if anything is possible as per your knowledge & experience.

Thanks in advance,

Best regards


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In the normal customer balance reports, check in the layout if the division or related fields are available. If yes, copy them and save the layout.

If not copy the standard report and coordinate with ABAper to add the new field into code and save it as a Z report.


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