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Debit memo process

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Hello SDNs,

My client was asking debit memo process based on busines process.

Please provide the debit memo process & steps.

Could please explain the FI related integration after configuring the debit memo , is there maintain any settings related to FI.



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Please make a search in the forum

and also check out WIKI section


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Hi Friend,

The Debit memo is used in SAP in two different scenarioes.

First is

1. When the company has to compensated by the customer for the excess of the goods delivered.

In this process,

A sales order will be raised for (let say) 100 items and the goods delivered are more than 110 and the billing happened, In this scenario we will raise the debit memo to customer to pay the amount for the remaining 10 items

Flow: VA01->VL01N->VF01-->VA01(DR)-VF01 (Debit memo)

Second is

2. Whe the company has to compensated by the customer for the low billed amount.

In this process,

A sales order was raised for 100 quantities and the billing had happened for the 90 quantities and we have to get the amount for the remaining 10 quantities

Flow: VA01->vl01n->vf01->VA01(DR)-->VF01(Debit memo).



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To create Debit memo you have to create the Debit Memo request in VA01(you can copy the standard document type DR in VOV8 and keep reference mandatory as M- wrt billing )

with reference to debit memo request you can create the Debit memo in VF01 screen and the Standard Document is L2.

Generally we will give Debit Memo to customer if you want to collect any difference amount which the amount is mentioned as less in billing, that is why keeping reference as billing for debit memo request is good practice to track in future.