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Deactivation of split valuation

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Dear Experts,

Presently our client is having the concept of split valuation. Now management decided not to go for split valuation. For example: If Materials with valuation category is issued then the issue cost will depend upon the valuation type choosen at that time of Goods Issue. Now management decided that all materials issue price should depend upon MWAP (Moving weighted average price) not with respect to the Receipt price. For new materials i will not maintain the valuation category. But the challenge is with the old material codes which has open stocks, open PR's, PO's etc.,

Pls help.


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Answers (2)

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As Till now you have the split valuation concept and the transaction swere done over it and all the reporting have been done with tht valuation which had earier.and hence it is not advisable to remove the split valuation concept to those materials.Continue the created PO etc with that split valuation.

How open documents are there in that system?

As time goes by, you create a MMPP status with obsalate and put it to the existing materials and create new codes and transfer the stocks to the new codes.


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I m afraid , to have clean data you may have to create a new code. You use material conversion (movt. type 309) for this. New material can have all the stock quanitites in this fashion.

Before material conversion you need to close out all the outstanding open orders. Make the stock fixed and then proceed for conversion. Later you can have the Old split material get deleted.

Check this out

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