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Deactivate Field in 0006

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Hi! Experts,

I have created Hire Actions with group of some infotypes,

Now what is the problem is , when i am hiring my employee, in IT0006 there is one infofiled which is mentions mendatory in standard system, which i want to deactivate or optional(which is not required in my hiring action) , can anybody help me out to make it as i want..

I think i can be soleved in Cutomizing header in IMG but how ...plz explain...

Thanks ...!!! in advance...


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Answers (4)

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follow wht mallik has said

and in easy way go SM30 V_T588M

some times we cannot deactivate the feild can u let me know wht u want to deactivate

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Hi Sneha,

Go to SPRO>PM>PA-->Customising User Interfaces.

Select the respective module pool and the screens and maintain the feature p0006. You will get the output.

pl let me know still if you have doubt.

Thanks & Regards


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IMG --> Personnel Management --> Personnel Administration --> Customizing User Interfaces --> Change Screen Modifications.

When you open the same, click on the position tab and type Module Program as: MP000600

Now find out which screen is applicable. Double click on the same and now you would be seeing the Fields with options like Std. RF, OF. Hide etc. RF - Required Field if you want to maintain as mandatory. OF - Optional Field - Not mandatory. Hide - To hide the particular Field.

I think this would solve your problem.

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hi! Mr.Patlola,

Thanks for your urgent reply, yes you are correct..i also reached till that extent but now problem is its not changing when i am doing changes...

When i am maintaining OF for this field its giving me error like option not available for this field.

Now what i feel i think i need to maintain all IT0006 fields again with another have some solution apart from this...


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Go to Infotype 0006, place your cursor on the field that you would like to make it optional, it will display the help (Performance Assistant) Click on Technical Details. Now it will show the Infotype and the Screen Number.

In the screen modifications, need to select the same infotype with the above screen number. Then make the changes and see the same has been reflected in the infotype.

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go for the screen modificatins and choose ur requirement

M. Madhu