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Dates in asset accounting

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I am having doubts in different dates in asset accounting.

someone please make me understand the dates concept in asset accounting and how it impact the depreciation?

Queries related to  document date,posting date,asset value date,acquisition date and ordinary depreciation start date.

Please explain with an example..

Thanks in advance.....waiting for quick reply



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hi Ranjan,

document date: Document data is the date which is there on the original /source document. e.g. Invoice : number ABCD1234 and dated : 12/01/2012 in this case document date is 12/01/2012

Posting date: Posting date is the one on which the document is posted / entered in the system. e.g. the above mentioned invoice is entered in the system on 14/01/2012. then the posting date is 14/01/2012

Asset value date: this is the capitalisation date, it is the date which is considered for calculating depreciation in majority of the cases.

Acquisition date: the date on which the asset is acquired/ purchase/ bought - can be doc date or posting date.

Ordinary depreciation start date: This is the date on which calculation of depreciation starts. this might be different from the doc. date , posting date, acquisition date. e.g. the asset ic acquired on 12/01/2012 , posted in the system on 14/01/2012 but there was installation going on and co. could not use it till 31/4/2012. then the ordinary depreciation date would be 31/4/2012. BUT ordinary depreciation date is up to the client to decide and it is maintained in the period control for dep calculation. in few cases co. wants to start depre in june for any purchases made from jan to dec.

this might help:


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Thanks for your reply Vedavatee,

Just one clarification needed......

we have two dates for calculation of depreciation i.e asset value date and ordinary depreciation start date.As you said asset value date is the date which is taken in to account for depreciation calculation in majority of cases.

Then which date is highest priority system will take for calculation of depreciation?



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Depreciation start date will be based on the asset value date(Capitalisation date) and period control method of your depreciation key.

E.g. If you have activated day depreciation for your dep. key then depreciation start date = asset value date.

So, the depreciation start date based on the period control method which you are assigning to your dep. key.

Following controls you can find in AFAMP

01 Pro rata at period start date

02 Pro rata upto mid-period at period start date

03 Pro rata at mid-period

04 First year convention at half year start date

05 Year start date/Mid-year/Year-end (Austria)

06 At the start of the year

07 At mid-year

08 At the end of the year (=Start date of following year)

09 At mid-quarter

10 At the first quarter

11 Next month

12 Next quarter

13 Next half-year

14 Modified half-year rule

15 First-year convention at retirement (Korea)

16 First day same month, second till last day, next month  (MX)

21 Monthly compound interest

22 Quarterly compound interest

23 Semi-annual compound interest

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System will consider the date which is mentioned in the period control.

_ Vedavatee