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Date Manipulation in the PLD Formula Editor

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Hello Everyone

We are busy trying to use the formula editor in PLD 2007 to display the difference ( in days) between the current date and the past posting date. Has anyone examples of how to achieve this?

For Instance

System Date is 2008/07/26

Posting Date is 2008/07/01

Difference is 25 days


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This is not possible in PLD directly because PLD does not has much support to date related functions.

As a work around you can create a UDF in Marketing Documents called 'DateDiff' and add the following FMS to the udf:

SELECT Datediff(dd,GetDATE(),T0.[DocDate]) FROM OINV T0

Now bring this UDF in the PLD.

Note: The FMS was written for Invoice screen (OINV). Change in appropriate in the other screens.

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Thanks for the response however _ I am Trying to perform this at Serial Level and none of the Screens/Transactions allows me to perform a global Update on the Field :>( . Guess its back to the goodall Query Wizard Again.

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