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Date Error on the Service Order while using service product

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Hi PM experts,

I am working on the scenario resource-related billing, using service product in the service order created from a service notification linked to a contract with service product as the line item. service product is the material of DIEN material type.

when i was trying to save the service order created using transaction code-IW31, i am getting the Error Message:

" *SYS:Date 00.00.0000 not expected*".

This error started only yesterday, and it was not there before. Basis team has confirmed that they have not done any new

updates to the system.

Had anyone encounered this problem before, if yes kindly let me know the solution and the steps to resolve it.

thanks for the help.



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What is the full message text including message number


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Here is the error description with message number,

SYST: Date 00.00.0000 not expected.

Message no. FGV004

As an update to this thread, while searching for the reasons for the problem, i found that the characteristics used in the

warranty class were carrying default date value as 00.00.0000. can this be a reason for getting this error as the service

product number which is a DIEN material type is linked to the master warranty which is in turn assigned to the equipment.

Hope this information helps.