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Date Conversion

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Dear All,

I am having one user defined screen(developed in screen painter) and Goods Issue.

how to write the code that from the user defined screen, date field should be captured and pasted on Goods Issue screen's DocDate and TaxDate.


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You have to bind the date field to 'DateTime' data type in your user defined form. This can be achieved from User data sources.

Once this is done, you can read exact date values in this text box. You can easily copy and paste to the target field.


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Try this out,

First you have to bind the UDF to date data type in your user defined form

In C# :

User Defined Form:

Soft_Form = Soft_Application.Forms.Item("UserDefinedForm");

oEdit = Soft_Form.Items.Item("UserFormDate").Specific;

string ODate = oEdit.Value.Insert(4, "-");

string SDate = ODate.Insert(7, "-");

DateTime DDate = Convert.ToDateTime(SDate);

Good Issue Form

Soft_Form = Soft_Application.Forms.Item("GoodsIssueForm");

oEdit = Soft_Form.Items.Item("GoodIssueDate").Specific;

oEdit.String = DDate.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy");

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Try this type of conversion

oGoodsIssue.DocDate = DateTime.Today.ToString

oGoodsIssue.DocDueDate = DateTime.Today.ToString