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Date Category Use in Billing Plans

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Hi Experts,

Need some help understanding the use of Date Category in Configuring Billing Plans. I have read etc....My main specific question here is what is the use of Date Category ?

In IMG > SD> Billing> Billing Plan>Define and assign Date category, we assign one or more date category to a Billing Plan. In this assignment we assign

1. Date Description. (This is for info purposes only).

2. Billing Rule.

3. Fixed date. ( To fix Billing plan date)

4. Billing block. ( This is for Auto Block)

5. Billing Type. ( This will default Billing type which can be changed in order)

My concern is about Billing Rule, here we are assigning one billing rule to date category but still we can use all the billing rules available in sales order for that date category.

Then what is the effect of Date category on Billing Rule ?

Where do we define all Billing Rules ?

--> All I see is that Whatever (steps 1-5) is configured above is defaulted in the order but can be changed and doesn't have any processing controls except for Billing rule that controls the amt / % fields in Billing plan screen.

--> Its bad that SAP grays out Date category field though a billing plan can have multiple Date categories available for use. Whats the purpose here ?

Any info that can help me understand this better is really appreciated.

Thanks !!

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Answers (2)

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The date category controls at billing date level, whether the billing date is a fixed date,

whether and, if necessary, which billing block the billing date has, with which billing type the billing date is to be billed, the billing rule which specifies how the value to be billed for a date is to be determined. Billing rule 2 of the standard SAP R/3 System ('Value-based milestone billing') specifies, for example, that the entire invoice value is distributed between the dates and a part of the total value is billed for each date. The date category also specifies the description for the billing date.

Date category controls data such as the billing block and the billing rule at the billing date level of the billing plan

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Anybody ?