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There is an existing report and I need this report output to develop my report.

So I am saving this report output into a table.

But, the data type of some fields of the existing report is P DECIMALS 2.

AND am defining the same data type in database table but showing error.

Pls tell me which data type can store p decimals 2 in DDIC TABLE.

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Maybe with the exact error we could help you.

Otherwise you have the solution

data ls_my_structure_table type the_table.
ls_my_structure_table-field = conv #( my_field_p ).

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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P type corresponds to ABAP Dictionary types CURR (prices), QUAN or DEC (neither CURR nor QUAN)

But don't forget that there's a big difference between ABAP and ABAP Dictionary for P type.

TYPE P DECIMALS 2 is the same as TYPE P LENGTH 8 DECIMALS 2, and corresponds to DDIC type of length 15 decimals 2 (length multiplied by 2 minus 1). See ABAP documentation for more information.

Thanks Sandra.

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