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Data Transfer Workbench - importing invoice text lines

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my experience with DTW is limited, we are using SAP2004A with the latest patch.

I need to import Invoices to SAP using DTW and some of the source invoice lines contain line comments, They are long text and my client wishes to have them incorporated in to SAP as text type lines. I however could not see a way of doing this using DTW.

have I missed it somewhere? is this a shortcomming of DTW?

if so has anybody being able to perform this task in any other way?

any help is appreciated.



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Hi there,

Is it possible to store the invoices' comments in a user-defined field?

If can, create a UDF for the marketing document - Row. In your excel spreadsheet which contain the Invoices, move invoices' comments column to User-Defined Field1, this is such a column in your excel spreadsheet if you use the DTW template.

Then in DTW doing import, on step 4, under the row User-Defined Field1 in Source Field Column, select your Target Field to the UDF you had created in SBO. Finish the process. This way you will be able to import your comment into the UDF.

If your client doesn't want to put into a UDF, you can always put it in the Free Text Column in your excel spreadsheet to import. By default, Free Text column won't appear. So, you have to go to DTW to maintain interface for Sales Invoices - Item Line 1 to add field.

Or you want it to put under the Type:Text in Invoices for your Invoice Comment? This I only know using SDK or SQL query, DTW not very sure...


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Hi Erik,

thanks for the hints regarding DTW. My client however needs this as a Text type line. I will have no other option but to use SQl and other methods.