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Data Segregation on Material Master Data

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a customer of ours wants to put two companies in one tenant. Both company shall be totally segregated.

When checking the access restriction and found nearly all master data to be in the access contents "NONE" which at the end leads to no data segregation.

Is there any way to create/set up a total data segregation for master data (customer, supplier, material, services) in the same ByD tenant?

Kind regards,


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Hi Klaus,

you are right, master data e.g. customer, supplier, materials, services, etc. cannot be separated in standard. Only company/ sales unit/... specific data can have access restrictions, e.g. only you as AP accountant in company A are allowed to see company A Specific Data of supplier 123.

If you want to have further restriction, you might need to think of customer specific restriction.

If the two companies have so less master data in common, the questions if two separate tenants would not be the better set up?

Best regards