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Data Migration of Payments

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I have to import Incoming and Outgoing Payments Transactions From Legacy(SQL Server D/B) To B1.

I dont have to migrate source document references ,means all the payments have to be imported in 'On Account' Mode.

The payments are either ByCash or ByCheque.

Moreover , The Payments Would Be in all there types

1. Payment to and from Vendor

2. Payment to and from Customer

3. Payment to and from Other Account

Iam confused on how to use the templates provided :

1. Which template to use for Payment to and from Other Account

2. For On Account Payments

3.Cash Payments

Plz guide me for above problem.

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There are only two different templates for payment. i.e. oIncomingPayment for incoming or oVendorPayments for outgoing. All other payments if not fill in these two types should be handled by JE.

B1 will only accept customer payment. In case of vendor payment, you have to create another BP to be customer type.

Cash payment will only need one Payments file without others.