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Data Migration in to New GL

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I require material on Data Migration into New Gl -

Material Code : AC212.

We are going to implement in our project so detailed material is required.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Migration to new GL takes place considering the following into account.

Master Data: Existing Profit Centers will need to be assigned to segment.

FSG of GL accounts need to be revisited for new additional account assignments

(ii) Open items: SAP delivers transfer report, RGURECGFLEX to generate the new data

Open items tables (BSID, BSIK etc.)

Document Tables (BKPF,BSEG)

(iii) Opening Balances: Initial balance sheet items transferred to table FAGLFEXT via rollup from GLT0

EC-PCA and FI-SL ledgers if applicable are other starting points for migration of totals

(iv) Document Splitting: During data transfer documents are split based on configuration settings

Data transfer time frame should be wide enough to include all open items

Old documents cannot be split according to new account assignment, complete balance sheet according to new dimension is available after transitional time period

The material which you are refering is too huge and canot be shared in an email. Please let me know specifically what you want regarding migration and donot forget to assign points.



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Hi Manish,

Our client has upgraded the system to ECC 6.0 in last Aug 2007.System is now updating both the tables i.e.New GL & Old Classical GL respectively. Data is flowing in both the tables.

Since from Aug 2007 only current data is getting updated we cannot used "Document Splitting" in ECC 6.0 for the old data. Now our client want to migrate old data from Classical GL to New GL to use Document Splitting.

Currently we have not deactivated Classical Old GL's. Old data is there in Classical Old GL's and not in the New GL's.

Points will be assigned. Please guide us if you have a knowledge about the same.


Shridhar Sawant

FICO Consultant.

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