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Data migration for inspection plan

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Dear Friends,

Here is my question ,Currently i am doing data migration for Inspeciton plan

I plan to use

Object 0240 Inspection plans(QM

Method 0000 Batch input

Program Name RCPTRA01

Program Type B Batch Input

but i am little confused do i need to upload first MIC , first then inspection plan or shall i use standard object 0240 for both MIC and inspection plan

second i try to create as per below

Maintain Object Attributes

Maintain Source Structures

Maintain Source Fields

Maintain Structure Relations

Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines

Specify Files

Assign Files

Read Data

Display Read Data

Convert Data

Display Converted Data

Create Batch Input Session

Run Batch Input Session

when i am in the step

Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

i just confused

There are many Structure fields which is used which is for routing,Inspection plan - CA01,QP01

Field Mapping and Rule

BI000 Session Record for Data Transfer of Routings


BI001 Transaction Header Record for Data Transfer of Routings


BIMPL Batch Input Structure for Allocation of Mat. to Task Lists

BIPKO Batch Input Structure for Task List Header

BIPFL Batch Input Structure for Task List Sequence

BIPPO Batch input structure for task list operation

BIPFH Batch Input Struct. for Task List Object Prod. Resource/Tool

BIPMZ Batch input structure for component allocation to task list

BIPMK Inspection characteristics for batch input of task lists

here is my main Question

Can i delete those structure which is not applicable like task list for routing and other fields that is not applicable for Qm

and also can any one help what are the below fields and how do i need to collect datas in excell sheet

Please throw some lights

Thanks & Regards


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can use following steps for LSMW -

1) Maintain Object Attributes - Use standard object 0240 (Inspection Plans (QM)) / Method 0000 (Batch Input) / Programme name RCPTRA01.

2) Maintain Source Structure - Maintain three level structure:

Header Data

\--> Operation Data

\--> Characteristics Data

3) Maintain Source Fields - Maintain as per following -

Header Data

MATNR C(018) Material Number

WERKS C(004) Plant

PLNNR C(008) Group

PLNAL C(002) Group Counter of Assigned Task List

DATUV C(010) Valid From

VERWE C(003) Usage

STATU C(003) Status

LOSVN C(017) Lot Size from

LOSBS C(017) Lot Size to

KTEXT C(040) Task List Description

PLNME C(003) Unit of Measure

QDYNHEAD C(001) Level of Dynamic Modification Rule

QDYNREGEL C(003) Dynamic Modification Rule

LIFNR C(010) Vendor Number

Operation data

MATNR C(018) Material

VORNR C(004) Operation Number

STEUS C(004) Control Key

ARBPL C(008) Work Center

WERKS C(004) Plant

LTXA1 C(040) Short Text

MEINH C(003) Operation Unit

BMSCH C(017) Base Quantity

PLNNR C(008) Group

PLNAL C(002) Group Counter

Characterisctics Data

VORNR C(004) Operation Number

MERKNR C(004) Inspection Characteristics Number

VERWMERKM C(008) Master Inspection Characteristics Number

KURZTEXT C(040) Short Text

QUANTITAT C(001) Indicator: Quantitative Characteristics

STICHPRVER C(008) Sampling Procedure

QPMK_REF C(001) Reference to MIC in Task List

QPMK_ZAEHL C(004) Plant for MIC

SPCKRIT C(003) SPC Criteria

MKVERSION C(006) Version Number of MIC

PLNNR C(008) Group

PLNAL C(002) Group Counter

PMETHODE C(008) Inspection Method

PMTVERSION C(002) Version of Inspection Method

QMTB_WERKS C(004) Plant for Inspection Method

4) Maintain Structure Relationships -

BI000 - Header Data

BI001 - Header Data

BIMPL - Header Data

BIPKO - Header Data

BIPPO - Operation data

BIPMK - Characteristics Data

5) Maintain three source files (each for Header Data, Operation data, characteristics Data) as per fields maintained in the source fields. Maintain the QM Master data first before next steps. Also maintain the characteristics in CAPITAL letters.

6) Specify the files to the LSMW

7) Assign these files to the three structures (Header data file to header structure, operation data file to operation structure, charcteristics data file to characteristics structure).

😎 Follow next steps of the LSMW.

The inspection plan will be uploaded in the system

I do not know how to post the screen shots in the SDN.

Hope this answer helps. If you have any queries, pl revert.

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Dear Selva,

Perfect i gave you full mark and thanks for your time

but one question what about Qualitative charecteristic, i dont see that feild in your list

if you sent some screen short will be helpfull and thankfull if possible excel template ,

Thanks & Regards


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Dear Selvathangam Palanisamy,

I try to upload from your step with RCPTRA01 program but material assignment does not assign to inspection plan. Can you help me please?

thank you


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