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Data Differs Between MARD and NSDM_MIG_MARD

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I have experienced an interesting case where data is different when it is read directly from MARD table and its view NSDM_MIG_MARD for a material

The INSME field contains a quantity of 10 on MARD table but when I query NSDM_MIG_MARD view for the same material I got 0 on INSME field.

And it is very interesting NSDM_MIG_MARD data is directly from MARD table

I cannot use MARD since I got ATC check warnings so I got stuck at this problem.

Do you have an idea why the error occured, how it can be corrected or any work around for reading data from MARD without any ATC check findings?

Thanks in advance

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Hi, maybe note 2206980 "Material Inventory Management: change of data model in S/4HANA" helps explaining this.

Regards, Ingo Bruß