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Dangerous goods

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Can any one give me the config docs for dangerous goods

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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dear ramakrishna

Dangerous Goods Checks (EHS-DGP-CHK)


You can use this component to check SD documents according to dangerous goods regulations. This component is integrated in the creation process for sales, shipping, and shipment documents.

Dangerous goods checks in sales are supported as of standard release 4.6 in combination with EH&S Release 2.5. If you want to use EH&S Release 2.5 based on the standard release 4.5, you must make a modification for the standard release 4.5. The procedure for this is documented.

Dangerous goods checks facilitate your implementation of dangerous goods regulations and accelerate the creation of SD documents, as dangerous goods checks can be performed automatically or on request when creating and processing SD documents. You make corresponding settings in Customizing to specify which checks are to be performed at which stage and how documents are to be processed further. In this way, the situation is avoided where deliveries or shipments leave your company although they do not comply with the appropriate dangerous goods regulations. If you use dangerous goods checks in sales, you can check whether the dangerous goods material to be sold can be delivered in view of the dangerous goods regulations mapped in the system.

Each dangerous goods check is implemented as a user exit, and you can enhance it as required.

Standard Customizing delivered with the system acts as a sample setting.

See also: Example – Implementation of a Dangerous Goods Check

Implementation Considerations

To use the dangerous goods checks component, you must install the following SAP components:

· Materials Management (MM)

· Dangerous Goods Master Data (EHS-DGP-MD)

· Sales and Distribution (SD)


Dangerous goods checks can determine indicators that can be used for the dangerous goods documents component to print texts (dangerous goods specific texts and dangerous goods standard texts) on transport documents or transmit texts using EDI.


· Configuring dangerous goods checks to suit your own requirements

In Dangerous Goods Management Customizing, you can make settings as required to specify:

¡ Whether the system is to perform dangerous goods checks

Dangerous goods checks are not activated by default.

¡ The usage context in which a particular dangerous goods check schema is to be used

Depending on the sales organization or transportation planning point, you assign a dangerous goods check schema for each sales and distribution document category and sales and distribution document type or shipment type. You define dangerous goods check schemas by combining dangerous goods check methods to form a schema.

¡ How the document may be processed further

In a dangerous goods check schema, you can set up the reaction to suit your own requirements for each assigned check method.

As each dangerous goods check method is implemented as a user exit, you can program your own function modules along the lines of the dangerous goods check methods (standard function modules) delivered in the standard system and assign them to a dangerous goods check schema in Customizing.

· Different ways of starting dangerous goods checks

If dangerous goods checks are activated, they are started automatically when you save an SD document. Checks can be started in this way when creating and processing SD documents online as well as creating them in collective processing. Also, when creating a sales document in the background using a BAPI for example, or when transferring data for the first time, the dangerous goods checks are started when you save.

After they have been activated, the Dangerous goods check pushbutton appears on the interface for SD documents. You can use this button to start dangerous goods checks as required, to check an intermediate stage in the document, for example.

· Check log

The results of dangerous goods checks (positive and negative) are recorded in a log that you can consult immediately.

Overview of Dangerous Goods Checks in Shipping Documents

rewards if it helps


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Make a small search in sdn , there are no of posts on the same issue

Refer link below for Dangerous goods management

<a href="">Dangerous Goods Management</a>

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Dear Ram

Check the link

<a href="">Hazardous Materials Management</a>

<a href="">Dangerous Goods Master Editing</a>


G. Lakshmipathi