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dangerous goods

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am runnina simple packing scenario .........1 material and a packaging material for the same all the assignmentss done in material master for both material type and mat grp..........but when i create a slaes order i get the foll owing error

"Error determining dangerous goods data

Error determining the template materials and one time materials" when i click on the error i get the foll

"Error determining the template materials and one-time materials

Message no. CB01411


An error occurred when determining the template or one-time materials in the SD document. This could be because no dangerous goods indicator profile exists in Customizing for Dangerous Goods Management that is set as relevant for template or one-time materials.

System response

The system prevents you editing the dangerous goods master records."

I am surprised because i have made no settings for dangerous goods hence wondering abt the error.........pls help me get rid of this error



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Answers (1)

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check in the material master the tab Plant data/ Stor 1 , and in that general data .

is this filled with storage conditons , Haz material number and so on.

remove if not required and then run the packing scenario .

Check this for both the material to be packed and the packing material.

reward if useful