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Cycle count

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Hi All,

Anybody can please tell me how can we do the cycle count.

Please give me the steps

Thanks and Regards


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Answers (2)

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Cycle Counting :

Cycle counting is a method of physical inventory whereby material is inventoried at regular intervals within a fiscal year. These intervals or cycles depend on the cycle counting indicator set for the material.

Cycle counting allows fast-moving items to be counted more frequently than slow-moving items, for example.

All materials to be included in the cycle counting inventory are flagged. This is done either manually, using a cycle counting indicator in the material master record (storage data), or automatically, by means of an ABC analysis. The cycle counting indicator allows you to classify materials into individual cycle counting categories (for example: A, B, C, D) In Customizing, you can set for each category how often the materials are inventoried.

Setting The Indicator :

You can flag materials that are to be included in cycle counting as follows:

Manually in the material master record (storage data)

Automatically using ABC analysis.

You can use program RMCBIN00 to carry out an ABC analysis, which assigns materials to each category according to consumption or requirements. You can choose whether the analysis should only include materials with cycle counting indicators or all materials. The cycle counting indicator can be automatically updated in ABC analysis.

Next Physical Inventory :

To plan the cycle counting inventories, start the RM07ICN1 cycle counting program at regular intervals. This program checks the due dates for inventories for all cycle counting materials.

If it is time for an inventory for a certain material, use the program to create a batch input session to create physical inventory documents. Physical inventory documents are only created for stock type 1 (unrestricted use). The planned inventory count date is calculated as follows:

Date of last inventory + pre-defined interval

The interval between inventories for each cycle counting indicator is set in Customizing.

Use the batch input session to create the physical inventory documents.

Now you can carry out the inventory. When the difference is posted, the actual inventory count date is recorded in the material inventory data as the date of the last inventory.



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Does anybody know what date is used as Last Inventory Date when using Cycle Count by Quant? It appears to be the Last Inventory Date on the Quant record, but how does the system propose when the next count should be by material (example CC Indicator A) if all the quants counted for the last Cycle Count are gone?



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Hi, Please go through the link. It gives the step by step procedure