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CV04 transaction is not displaying the documents

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Dear All,

I am trying to find the documents, to add the thumbnail using the transaction CV04n. But it is not displaying the documents in the CV04n, even though the page is displaying header with message called '9 Hits' for the selected criteria. This problem is only coming up for my user id alone.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Rajesh,

please note that the document search function in transaction CV04N needs a DEFAULT layout variant maintained. Otherwise the system can't produce a correct result list.

Therefore I would kindly recommend you to maitain such a default variant for the search by CV04N as this is a standard requirement.

To solve this issue please set one layout as default in transaction CV04n. So first you have to execute a document search and if the empty result list is displayed go to menu, under Settings -> Layout -> Management and set one layout as default. Afterwards the result list should be displayed correctly again.

Best regards,


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