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cut over activities

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hi sap masters

in cut over activities we need to upload the data from non sap to sap.

in this activity we uploaded all master records and all balances. i have one doubt regardings this activity, whenever we upload the data is there is any entries generated. at what type of entries generated.

pl explain

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Prasanthi,

When you are uploading Legacy data from Non SAP to SAP it depends on when you are uploading the data.

For example if you are uploading on the first day of the Fiscal yr then you would only be uploading the Balance sheet values of the previous years as the profit for the year would have been arrived at and transferred to the Retained Account.

Instead if you are uploading the data during the year then you would be uploading the Trial Balance values,as you need to upload the balances of the Revenue & Expenditure Gl's for the year.

At the time of uploading the Debit items in the Trial Balance you would be debitiing the Gl accounts and crediting the Upload clearing account, and subsequently when you are uploading the Credit Items in the TB then you would be crediting those GL accounts and debiting the Upload clearing account so that the balance in that GL would be Zero.

Hope I have provided the info required by you



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thanqu phani

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