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Customized report that will show the invoiced amount,delivered amount and returned amount in sap b1

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Dear All,

I have a client that wants to see a customized report that will show the invoiced amount ,delivered amount, returned amount for products by customers in SAP Business one.

Hope to get a response.

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You can try this for basic details and modify as per your requirements.

Select ORDR."DocNum" As "Order#", ORDR."CardName" , RDR1."ItemCode" , RDR1."Dscription" , RDR1."Quantity" As "Qty Ordered" ,
ODLN."DocNum" As "Deliver#", DLN1."Quantity" As "Qty Delivered" ,
ORDN."DocEntry" As "Return#", RDN1."Quantity" As "Qty Returned Before Billing" ,
OINV."DocNum" As "Invoice#", INV1."Quantity" As "Qty Billed" , RIN1."Quantity" As "Qty Credited"
From ORDR Inner Join RDR1 On ORDR."DocEntry" = RDR1."DocEntry"
Left Join DLN1 On RDR1."DocEntry" = DLN1."BaseEntry" And RDR1."LineNum" = DLN1."BaseLine"
Left Join ODLN On DLN1."DocEntry" = ODLN."DocEntry"
Left Join RDN1 On DLN1."DocEntry" = RDN1."BaseEntry" And DLN1."LineNum" = RDN1."BaseLine"
Left Join ORDN on RDN1."DocEntry" = ORDN."DocEntry"
Left Join INV1 On DLN1."DocEntry" = INV1."BaseEntry" And DLN1."LineNum" = INV1."BaseLine"
Left Join OINV On INV1."DocEntry" = OINV."DocEntry"
Left Join RIN1 On INV1."DocEntry" = RIN1."BaseEntry" And INV1."LineNum" = RIN1."BaseLine"
Left Join ORIN On RIN1."DocEntry" = ORIN."DocEntry"