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Customized report in plant maintenance

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Hi All,

Can someone share his/her experience as per the development of customized report(Not standard sap)as far as plant maintenance is concerned.

If it can be briefly explained how this is done, it will give me some insights.



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Answers (3)

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There are quite a few options for creating customised reports within SAP standard:

  • Standard ABAP
  • SAP Query
  • Business Information Warehouse
  • Business Objects

There are also some other non-standard options using 3rd party solutions:

  • Winshuttle

Any others I've missed??


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What is the purpose of the report? Is is to list data, or you pretend changes on the database?


Maria João Rocha

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Hi Sanjay,

As Mr. Ajit said,there is no difference in the approach to create a customized report for any module.I will try to mention the important points for creation of customized report.

a) Requirement gathering

1. Get the list of selection criteria (selection fields) for the report.

2. Get the list of mandatory fields in the selection criteria.

3. Get the list of output fields required in the report.

4. Get the list of applications/facilities required in the output.

b) Development

5.Understand the requirement of the report and consider all possible business scenario

6.Try to sketch the logic (This is a tedious process as you need to consider the best suitable tables for the data)

7. Document the logic and mention the table and field names going to be used in your report or logic.You can sit with your ABAP counterpart for discussion.

8. Consider your assumptions (if any) and consequences in the report and document it.



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customized reports in plant maintenance is no different from customized reports in any other module, say MM. it all depends on what is your requirement and how you will fetch it into the report. do you have any specific requirement?