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Customize Billing Number Format

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Hi Experts,

How do I customize billing number format as a alphanumeric.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As per my knowledge you can't maintain the alpha numeric number ranges for the billing document

for different billing number ranges against the plant use the user exit "USEREXIT_NUMBER_ RANGE" after creating a "Z table " with the sales org ,plant and billing types.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Thanks for your input

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It may be possible to achieve by using USEREXIT, but still it depends on logic you follow for this numbering format.

there was situation, where client wants to maintain the number ranges per company code , the requirement is comp code should come in first 4 digits of billing doc number.

eg: Comp code: ABCD & No: 100000

Ztable is created with 3 columns:-

CC / S.No. = Available No.

ABCD + 100000 = ABCD100000 ( here Abapers used "Concatenate" option)

there is a loop for S.No. number range, which is assigned to Billng doc type.

Code activates when saving the doc,then systems initially fetch comp code from VBRK_BUKRS ,

& current S.No - fetch from the numer range status for this respective Object range. Then concatenating this both derives available no, which will be billing doc number.

Hope it can be achievable depends on your number format logic.

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Billing document number is always internal in standard

So Internally giving alpha numeric number is not possible in standard

But external number range is possible with userexit mentioned below


The internal number range used in the standard system is specified in the billing type table and can be changed in this user exit. This user exit is only called when the billing documents is created.

A zee table is to be maintained according to the requirement

and maintain the entries in billing no range object RV_BELEG

This can be done with the help of the ABAPer

But i am not sure whether you can achieve alphanumeric number

If possible kindly update us why do you require alphanumeric number for billing