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Customer specific limits in QA32

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I would like to have customer specific limits as either Plausibility limits or 1st 2nd UL LL in QA32, I dont want to use dependent chars or multiple specs functionality as i am working with make to stock scenario. Normal limits will not useful here due to they are already have different values. My customer limits should be visible in QA32, Is there any way to achieve this?

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Hi Devidas,

The answer to this question depends on what you want the system to do at results recording. Do you want to prevent shipment to certain customers? Will you be using customer specific material codes and doing post production Material transfers?

If you truly only want the limits to be visible in QA32 and nothing more, then you could use second limits as you already mentioned, or create calculated chars that each have a customer specific limit. Because they are calculated the user only needs to enter results once and can see which customers would accept the batch as each MIC gets automatically populated with the same result.

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