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Dear all,

I have scenario to get the goods from the customer and check whether its having warranty or not.

If the material is under warranty scenario:

1) identifying material through serial no.

2) entering serial no in service notification

3) warranty check is carried out.

4) creating repair order(RAS) and entering serviceable material.

5) creating return delivery

6) create repair item and save the order.

7) service order will be generated in background.

😎 enter components and in operations tab change the control key from sm01 to pm02 and given all the details like vendor, price etc.

9) take the pr no from act data tab..

10) release pr and create po with pr no.

My scenario is to get the repaired machine from customer and send the machine to vendor for repair. Giving subcontracting.

getting machine repaired and get the machine from vendor and delivering the goods to the customer.

a) creating the quotation wrt service order or from repair order.

b) if the machine is in warranty the only labour charges should be included in billing.

c) if the machine is out of warranty then the component cost and labour charges should be included in billing.

Please tell me procedure to do the scenario.


C Chaitanya


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Answers (2)

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You will need to configure ODP1 for Resource related billing and Quotation creation. Quotation normally created using DP80 transaction for the service order, provided the DIP profile needs to be assigned to Service Order type.

One way is to create some priority types for service order ( 1- with warranty, 2 - Chargeable ..etc). Create sales condition type based on this priority as a key field. So you will need to set this priority is if the repair is warranty repair, then based on the pricing procedure configuration the system will propose the condition value in DP80.

This is only one possibility, you can always think of a better one.