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Customer sales return and same material return to respective vendor

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Hi Experts

would like to get your valuable inputs in the below mention scenario

I procured material ABC qty 10 from vendor and same has been sale to customer

now Customer is returned the material ABC qty 5 to my client

now client want to return the goods for the respective vendor from whom it was procured.

The requirement is the system should able to predict automatically from whom the goods has been procured?

note:- client can procure the same material ABC from 10 different vendor

Is there any common link can be maintained between purchase material from vendor to my client and from my client to customer ?

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In SAP you can only distinguish the materials origin if you activate batch management and create a new batch for every goods receipt.

The vendor number is then stored in the batch record.

The batch number can be seen in each movement, so you can easily trace from which vendor you got your bach 123 that was returned from your customer.

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Lets Try to do in this way,

1.Create a sales order

2. Create a PO for that material, Now at GR in delivery filed give the sales order number. so in PO histry tab of PO we can c the sales order number. and sales return can link with PO.

Now in case Sales order is latter the Purchase then

in Sales order PO filed we can give the PO number on which we have procurred the material. so when u go to sales order display system will give PO ref.

3. Now while sales return you will get the ref. of sales order

4. Lastly it is time to send the material to the vendor 4m whom it is been purchased, here u can get the link :- 4m sales order, PO field u'll get or 4m PO history you can get the sales order number.

try this mix, it may work without any further efforts



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Dear Hanumat,

As your requirement is very easy to see the R/3 system,before give correct solution can you give some breif details about your scenario like

i procured means you or your client etc...


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You can use functionality of Batch Management or Serial No management to track the actual procured Vendor.