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what is the use of cash management group in customer master in company code data

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if u are using cash flow mgmt in ur system then u need to define the cash flow grp under which the cust falls here. its closely related to FI and is used to monitor the cash flow positions of the various grps like sales offices.


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Dear Rohith

In cash management, customers and vendors are allocated to planning groups by means of an entry made in the master record.

You can define these planning groups in Customizing or the Implementation Guide (you will need to ensure that they are all the same length). In order to improve the liquidity forecast display for major customers and vendors, it can be advisable to enter their account number as the planning group.

For the planning groups themselves a naming convention should be set up to improve liquidity forecasting. In the following examples, the customer planning groups begin with an "R" for receipts, and the vendor planning groups begin with an "E" for expenses.


R1 Customers paying by bank collection

R2 Other domestic customers

R3 Customers abroad

R4 Affiliated company customers

R5 High risk customers

R6 Major customers

R7 Rental income

R8 Repayment of loans


E1 Domestic vendors

E2 Vendors abroad

E3 Affiliated company vendors

E4 Major vendors

E5 Personnel costs

E6 Taxes

E7 Investments


G. Lakshmipathi

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The customers and vendors in cash management and forecast are assigned to a planning group that reflects certain characteristics, risks or the type of business relationship in question, for example:

Customer - Bank collection

Customer - Loan ( Housing/personal/car)

This arrangement enables you to break down the display of the cash forecast according to the reliability of your forecasts regarding the outflow or inflow of cash, Which in turn Benifits the FI to Manage reports and disect the reports based on these groups.

Hope this helps