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Customer Master Validity Dates

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Greetings all,

I have a requirement to put a validity date for Customers (valid from and Valid to) and have go through a few options but the best I can think of is using the fields in Licenses under Customer Master (VD01)-Sales Area Data-Billing-Licenses. Here are my requirements

1. Using this as DATA RECORDING PURPOSES only to track the valid date from and to only for the customer

Also another question is what would the impact be if I use license just to track the dates? Will it be any impact to lets say calculation of the pricing for the customer or it just serve as a recording purposes only.




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You have not explained for what business process, you need to valildate customer master.  Nevertheless, there is no option to track from customer master.  However,  via BADI CUSTOMER_ADD_DATA, you have to add the validity period fields in customer master which your ABAPer can do by referencing the following note:-

  • Note 577502 - Enhancements without modification in customer master record

On the other hand, if the purpose is only to track the validity period of a customer for reporting purpose, then you can make use of "Licence" tab assuming that the said fields are not in use currently.

G. Lakshmipathi

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As mention in my post there is no business process or validation needed. I just need to use to record dates for reporting purposes I just need to know the implications if I do so. And yes it's not currently in use for any purpose.