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Customer Master Table

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in which table customer master general data will be stored.

How can we view structure. I want to see the structure "ADRS", when I am using the where used list to check the data base table, it is not showing any database tables.

Can any one tell the purpose of "ADRS" structure...



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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The ADRS structure stores the address data. For example in case of customer master the complete address details are not stored in table KNA1. KNA1 table has a field ADRNR which stores the address number. The complete address is stored in table ADRC with reference to the address number ADRNR. The structure ADRS stores the address obtained from table ADRC during processing. When you are looking at structure ADRS, you are effectively looking at / trying to store data into table Table ADRC.



Answers (6)

Answers (6)

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Hello, just consider and review this ADR tables:

ADR2 Telephone Numbers (Business Address Services)

ADR3 Fax Numbers (Business Address Services)

ADR4 Teletex Numbers (Business Address Services)

ADR5 Telex Numbers (Business Address Services)

ADR6 E-Mail Addresses (Business Address Services)

ADR7 Remote Mail Addresses (SAP - SAP - Communication; BAS)

ADR8 X.400 Numbers (Business Address Services)

ADR9 RFC Destinations (Business Address Services)

ADRC Addresses (Business Address Services)

ADRG Assignment of Addresses to Other Address Groups BAS

ADRP Persons (Business Address Services)

ADRT Communication Data Text (Business Address Services)

ADRU Table for Communication Usages

ADRV Address Where-Used List (Business Address Services)


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You can use below mentioned tables for customer master.

KNA1 - Customer master

KNB1 - Customer / company

KNVV - Customer sales data

KNBK - Bank details

KNVH - Customer hierarchy

KNVP - Customer partners

KNVS- Shipment data for customer

KNVK - Contact persons

KNVI - Customer master tax indicator

Table ADRC stores the address data for customer like street no, house no, search term ect..


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Customer General details are stored in table KNA1. In this table, the field ADRNR which needs to be passed to the table ADRC to get some more data. We need to refer to either of the tables to fetch customer details depending on what is required.

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Hi Ramesh,

Customer master general data will be stored at KNA1

Customer master company code data will be stored at KNB1

Go to se16 and give table name KNA1 and execute whrere you can search for structure "ADRS".



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I think your problem is to know the transperant table, wherein the address of customer is maintained.

The table name is ADR6 in which the address of customer master is maintained.

Hope your problem is resolved. If you would like to know more, please let me know.


K Khatri