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customer master data

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hi all,

How I can change sector in customer muster data?'

I create a sold to party in a sales area and now I need to change his sector.

any suggest???

thanks in advance??

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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(I) When you create a customer using XD01 - you specify

1. The account group,

2. The customer number (if the number range is external)

3. The company code.

4. The sales area (sales organization + distribution channel + division) (say BP010101)

When you save the customer, the system gives you the message

"customer xyz created in company code BP01 for sales area BP01-01-01".

You cannot change the division of an already created customer.

(II) Now you want to change the division of the previous customer - you cannot chnage the division but you can extend the customer for the new division.

Go to XD01

1. Select the same account group as the original customer

2. Now enter the old customer number (whether the number range is external or internal - while extending the customer, you have to enter the old customer which you want to extend)

3. enter the company code

4. Enter the new sales area (say BP010102)

Below you will see the "reference customer"

1. Enter the old customer number which is being extended

2. enter the company code

3. enter the original sales area.

Enter all the data required & save the customer.


Allabaqsh G. Patil

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thanks to all

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Could you please clarify your question or elaborate the scenario.



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Hi experts,

I creata a customer in:

Sales organization 1000

Distribution channel 02

Division 10

If now I want change division, how I can do this??

please help me

thanks in advance

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in VD01, enter your customer no and put your new sales area & proceed. Once you are changing the division, that means you have created a new sales area which must have been defined in customisation.

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You can extend this customer to the another division in XD01 by giving the same customer number and Sales org, distribution channel and the new division.

Otherwise set a deletion flag for the cusotmer, and create new with the new division.


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Hello cmm,

Am not aware of any such change. However, you can extend the customer to other Sales Areas(Divisions).